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79 403 t-stat housing type1

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Hey everyone.
Iím new to this site, been reading lots of good tech here though for months. I am currently restoring our 79 Formula and am in need of a thermostat housing. I believe itís designated as type 1, ( cast part #547083) it is almost vertical to keep the upper hose behind the alternator. The bypass neck on mine was completely deteriorated. I suppose if I canít find one in good shape, I can always buy the other style, cut it apart to get the bypass tube out and braze that into my original housing. Anyone every tried that?

Most of the 79's with 403 used the regular housing #409037 and a different top radiator hose, and it fit like rubbish and looked just as bad. The better early housing is 77-78 Firebird specific with Olds so hard to find as you've seen. There was a NOS one on ebay a few weeks ago, but listed for money it wasn't worth also.

No, the pipe has been cast into it so there's no cutting it out to reuse. You'd still have to cut off the pipe and reattach with an inserted tube for strength before welding up. I repaired one by tig welding a few pinholes but otherwise not worth playing with. Depending on where the corrosion is you could fit an earlier Oldsmobile rubber J-hose as a sleeve over the tube curve, not just the end gap. They do still turn up, in various conditions, not always described at thermostat housing, water neck is common, rarely mention part numbers either.

Thanks for the reply Aus78formula. I was able to remove the remnants of the pipe from my water neck, hence the idea of cutting the new water neck away from the pipe. Do you recall how the part was listed on eBay? Might go and look at it. 78 has always been my favorite of the firebirds. Years ago I had a 78 DKM T/A, #127. Sure do miss that car. This car, the 79 Formula, has been in the family since it was new. My step Dad ordered it. From mid 1991 until January of 2019, it was sitting outside, next the garage at our place in northern AZ. Iíd post some pics, but not sure how to. I tried to attach a pic of the water neck in the original post and was told the file is too large,?


This is the earlier version bypass hose that may be able to save a pitted water neck.

Files can't be added to the forum, they must be hosted elsewhere and the link inserted.

Thanks for the link. Iíll reach out to see if itís still available and if so, make a reasonable offer. Since I already removed the old pipe from the neck, I might tap the hole  where it went and install a short nipple. Then it would accept the older style hose.
Thanks for all the help and ideas.


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