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79 403 t-stat housing type1

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I finally found mine (I knew it was buried somewhere in the garage) and it is the  early type (part# 547083).
I blasted it and gave it a quick shot of primer...and noticed a small crack in the housing where the tube is inserted.

I don't know if the cast could be welded or maybe filled with JB Steel...just throwing it out as an option if you still haven't found one.

Found one on eBay but itís not in quite as nice of condition as was stated. Can you send a pic of the crack? BTW, is this site very active anymore? After signing up and looking around a bit, it seems most posts are older.?

Sure, I'll take some pix tomorrow and email them to you.

Not that active anymore...Facebook, etc seem to have taken most people's attention elsewhere.
There is however still a great deal of information to be found on this site.

Iíve seen a great deal of great info here. Hard to believe there can be a single source (ie Facebook) that could even compare to the wealth of knowledge found on this board. Is the original creator even still around? Seems the store is closed permanently. Nonetheless, I appreciate you keeping this alive for those of us who are seeking info on these great cars of yesteryear. Any thoughts on finding the plastic bits for the wire looms/retainers on the 403? Iíd like to share some pics of the build that Iím doing, whatís the best way to go about doing that?
Thanks again.

Facebook is only for one post, one answer then gone. Wait for someone to ask the same question the next day. Here, the answer can be found and info saved. Problem is, many treat it the same way, ask a question and never return to read all the replies. The same people reply now on here compared to when it was active, there were just more questions being asked.


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