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78 Gold TA Fender Decal, help please!!


After a re-paint of my front driver side quarter panel on my 78 Solar Gold Trans Am, I ordered a new Trans Am fender decal from Phoenix Graphix.  It appeared to be an exact match until I peeled off the outer paper and was surprised to see the outer “gold” border had a very green tint as shown in the picture.  The first picture shows the passenger side original decal. (The gold outer border is so near the solar paint color that it can hardly be seen in the photo). The nice folks at Phoenix Graphix tried to help me find a decal with the proper color match but nothing seems to be available in the correct color.  I contacted Stencils & Stripes and they weren’t going to have any more gold colored fender decals until mid-summer.  I checked E-bay for possible OEM decals available but none in the gold colors.  Any suggestions or anyone know of someone who might have an OEM decal?  I only need one if that helps.  Thanks!!

I actually think the "green Gold" one is correct the paint was like that originally but they did have a ton of problems with Y88 paint


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