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What material is the bumper made of?

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can somenbody tell me from what material the bumper of a 1976 nose is made of? Is it a Polyurethane Bumper ?
My front  bumper has some damage and a whole corner is missing so that I think about how I can restore the hand-sized piece.

Most were a rubbery plastic material called Endura. It was flexible and meant to absorb minor bumps and keep its shape. Of course, years later it's brittle and shrunken. I've seen similar repairs on slightly later years where flexible plastic or even flat aluminium panel was riveted onto a ground back edge, then filled over with flexible filler. It's not perfect but can save an otherwise ruined nose. It just needs to be flexible too as the nose flops about especially during installation, along with heating and cooling cycles. I'm not sure how well it repairs with fibreglass patching or any sort of plastic welding, perhaps melting a mesh across cracks before a fill coat.

You can also pick up off Amazon, a heated staple that gets melted into the crack and helps to join the torn/cracked piece of plastic. The staple gets imbedded below the surface and provides a metal support to hold the two sections. I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail and I have a nose off a 77/78 that I plan to experiment on!!

just another idea!!

Is that the squiggly wire version? I saw one of those ads the other day and thought of this also.

Same's sitting in my "save for later" cart. Odd thing is they are kind of expensive but there are identical versions much cheaper...need to look into this.


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