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Non A/C Heater Control Cables broken on my '79. Will early (70-76) ones work?


Corellian Corvette:
Just got a (new to me) basket-case 1979 Firebird. It's a non-AC car.

Turns out both heater control cables are broken. On one, the actual metal rod is broken. On the other, the plastic mounting clips are broken.

I have to remove the heater box to replace the heater core anyway, so perfect time to fix the rods. I notice VERY few non-AC cables for sale aftermarket but it looks like The Parts Place has 1970-1976 non-AC cables for sale new.

Will these work? I can't see how the system itself is much different between the years, so I'm wondering if this is a style difference or a functional one.

If they WON'T work - any ideas on how to fix?


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