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Caliper guide pin thread size

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81Turbo TA:
I have an 81 and I'm trying to find the thread of the rear  caliper guide pin.  I think gm used a metric caliper so I'm unsure if the hardware was changed.
The reason, while installing the rear caliper, the lower guide pin hole in the mounting bracket is stripped and the bolt spins.  Since I can't find the bracket for sale I figured I'd have to helicoil it.   

81Turbo TA:
I found that there is a guide pin with a slightly larger thread for fixing this exact problem.  I still have no clue what the thread size is though

Part # 18004418. Sorry, no details.

81Turbo TA:

--- Quote from: Aus78Formula on July 03, 2021, 11:18:43 PM ---Part # 18004418. Sorry, no details.
--- End quote ---

Thanks.  The part someone referred me to was from Dorman, 13897.   The funny thing was I emailed ac delco and another company asking for the thread size and neither gave me any info. I'd rather not screw in a larger size, I'd rather fix it so that it doesn't throw me or another owner off if a future repair is needed. "Why doesn't this new bolt fit?"  I can see it now. Lol.   I keep forgetting to take a guide pin to the hardware store and use their thread gauge.

What you need is someone with a disc rear end to respond, there's plenty of them but they offer up nothing to others. I'll search some more manuals. I know some of those parts are Metric, not sure on that pin and doesn't say where it is mentioned. But if it was Metric, the oversized imperial Dorman wouldn't be suitable for a repair either. Maybe that's why it's stripped, people trying to make incorrect threads fit.


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