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Has anyone touched up their steering wheel to restore it back to its original shine?  Where I normally grip the wheel, it has become faded, to the point that it looks like flat black.  I cleaned the wheel last night with a degreaser and I was thinking of trying one of two things.  My first hunch was to buy the Dupli-color gloss black vinyl interior paint and perhaps apply it with a sponge.  However, someone suggested to me to buy some black shoe polish, which I am to apply a few coats after a number of timed intervals.  I don't want the wheel to be super slippery to the touch, but sure would like that original shine it once had. 


Never tried touching up a steering wheel before, I just broke down and bought a new one.  It is actually still in the box from 4 years ago.  LOl  will go in the project car hopefully this year.

Lucky you!  It's not that my steering wheel is all that bad, but it could use a refresher of sorts.  I can only imagine what those steering wheels cost these days, if you can find them.  Sheesh, 20 - 30 years ago I could walk into any GM dealership and buy anything I needed for the car,...from nuts, bolts, shims to even interior parts.  Last time I went to one was last year to have them make me a new set of keys.  And that they couldn't do for me as well, imagine. Good luck with your project car!

Satin black would be closer. Secondly, you need to decide if it's due to being worn through the surface of the coating, or a film due to handling constantly. You could try a few cleaners but of course that isn't ideal if you still need to redye with other fresh coatings on it. Perhaps a light grease and wax clean, it will be required anyway but will remove any grubby marks and show the actual surface condition and colour.
At least they are simple to remove, clean, mask up and redye.

Thanks Aus78Formula.  I gave it a go with the shoe polish, this after rubbing the area down with more degreaser.  I did this until there was absolutely nothing showing up on the rag any longer.  Anyway, it was a bust.  From first application to the third.   Oh well, my shoes needed a touch-up anyhow,...<g>.


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