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Sandblasting issue


Just got my inner fender back for my 79 T/A from being sandblasted. I was expecting it to be bare metal, however, its covered in a very rough sandpaper like texture. Not sure if it can be seen in the image. Should I sand it down? Did they put some type of protective coating on it? Was expecting to put Eastwoods pre paint cleaner on it and use a self etching primer before painting. I'm not sure what to do with this.

Looks to me like they sprayed a primer on it?    I would just give them a call to fid out for Shure.

Pic too small to tell, it'd soon be covered in rusty fingerprints otherwise. And yes, sandblasting will leave somewhat of a rough surface and ideal for a good base primer to bite into. But can't tell if it has anything or not, easy to ask them. You'll be needing to clean it anyway, never know who's greasy hands have been on it prior to paint.


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