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4 wheel disc brake proportioning valve ?


My rear brakes & parking brake have never worked since I bought this '81 Turbo T/A.

After sitting a few years, the rear hard line rusted through and now I decided to tackle the rear brake issue.
- I've replaced the calipers and adjusted the parking levers....
- I've replaced the hard and soft lines.
- My buddy talked me into removing the proportioning valve as well .... 'cause I have to replace the driver's side exhaust manifold.  Here's the kicker:  My pictures that took of the lines/proportioning valve don't really show which lines go where.
I can't seem to find an exact replacement proportioning valve.  But when I do, I'll need some guidance on where the appropriate lines go. (Master Cylinder connectors and front & rear lines).
Is there a photo or diagram of the proper line orientation?


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