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DIY 4 Relay Power Window System


Hello All,
           I have a question. I have been using the 4 relay system in my 1979 Trans Am since 2013 and it worked flawlessly during that time. I developed a problem where I keep blowing the 10 amp glass fuse for the radio whenever I operate my power windows. I have the power window wire connected to the Accessory connector on the fuse box. I am using the relay next to the steering column that GM supplied.
    My question is, Is my red power wire connected in the right place on the fuse box? Like I said, I connected it to ACC on the fuse box  the orange wire is connected next to the heater fuse. The blue connector is below that and a clear connector below that in the IGN position. I connected the power RED wire below that in the ACC position. Is this correct? If not, where should the RED wire be connected to the fuse box?


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