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My Dilemma with New Rubber for a 76 TA with Stock Suspension


So I keep getting myself in a mental corner when trying to pinpoint "the perfect combo" to fill-out the 76 with new shoes on 15x8 wheels (currently all stock 15x7s).  I've come across a modest consensus that 255/60/15 on all fours is overall pleasing but also discovered some who've adopted rears in 265 in 60/15s (heck, even 275/50/17s).  I don't plan on modifying the suspension anytime soon and am just wanting to fill her out a bit, maybe (or maybe not) with a half to 1 or 1.5 inch diameter difference for the rear to create a very subtle old school posture and not anything low-profile pro-touring.  Any info, pros and cons, images, general advice, etc, would greatly help reduce the agony of dealing with sifting thru the endless pit of Google - LOL.  Thanks guys.

All of those will fit, stock or otherwise. I'll throw in another option, or same option for different reason.The 255 rubbers fills up the front nicely, but the same will sit inside the rear fenders. The front has a wider track so exaggerates the look and makes it look front heavy which is less apparent when both tyres are well inside the fenders. So for handling, looks, traction, balance, whatever, I like about 2 sizes wider in the rear.

Now, another reason is based on what tyres are still available in these sizes. If 255 is on the front then maybe 275/50 on the rear, is now a rare size. I have 275/60 and to be honest, it looks silly and rides like a steamroller. They are old and from a different era. So that doesn't always work. Maybe a 245/265 or 255/265 if I had to do it again with 15x8 rims. Even now it has R17 255/45 and 285/40 and if I had to do it again today I'd still likely go the same but taller profile for each. They are 10 years old and never turned an inch on the road. Aren't cars fun.

If your suspension is stock but well worn and rolls about a lot, the wider rims may start to find the limits of clearance, but still a little way off yet.

As always, if you can use a similar tyre diameter to stock then you won't upset your speedo and current ride height will be maintained.

This year I had ordered 4 B.F. Goodrich tires, and I stuck with the set-up I've had for the past 25 years.  It's a personal opinion, but love how she sits with the B.F. Goodrich tires.  Previously, I had a set of Kelly's, however, I found that they sit a little too tall in the rear.  Yet, they were the same size that I have on now.  So, I have 225/60/15's in the front and 255/60/15's in the rear.  Yes, it doesn't handle quite as good as it once did, but it's not far off.  It's not like I'm about to drive on a NASCAR road course anyhow.  I had a leaf changed on each side of the rear and know a guy who at that shop who came within a 1/4 inch (if not less) of what I was looking for.  I'll try and attach a photo of what my T/A looks like now.  Again, it's just a matter of everyone's personal preferences.

highway star:
On mine, OEM 15x8 snowflakes with Cooper Cobra radials, front 225/70 & rear 275/60, fills the wheel wells nicely.


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