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Ok guys...a little bit of help needed here tonight!  I am installing a new headlight switch in the 'bird and need specific directions for doing so.  I have looked at the dash bezel and want to make sure that I do everything with care to avoid damaging any parts.  How do I go about removing the bezel?  I think the hardest part is going to be getting the light switch ring off and getting the bezel off due to the pulse wiper switch.  Any advice to do the job right?  Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!  ;D

There are three screws in top plate of the bezel.

Unscrew the retaining ring around the lighter.

Go under the steering wheel and remove the two plastic retaining anchors that hold that panel under the steering column.

With that panel out of the way you'll find 2 long screws that go up through the bottom of the dash and into the bezel. Remove them.

And of course pop the gauge rings of all the gauges and a/c vents.

That should do it.

Yes, i agree with Jeff above, take out those 5 screws and unscrew the cigarette ring and the bezel will come out, then remove the screws for the headlight switch and the wipers, rotate the headlight switch 1/4 turn counterclockwise and it will come out.  You also have to unplug it of course.

There's a light path that is connected to the switch.  The other end goes into the cluster.  Be care not to break that piece of plastic.


I may be doing things the hard way, I've removed the bezel (and dash cluster) on my three second gens mutliple times--but I've always found it considerably easier if I loosen up the bracket holding the steering column in place under the dash.  I let it drop a little so the bezel clears everything as I pull it out of the dash pad.

Just a suggestion.



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