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how much is a custome decal for the top of my windsheild on my 79' Trans-Am that says "Ford Killer" no quotations on the deacol of course...and in black, a quote would be GREAT
-Jessie B

i dont think phoenix does custom graphics.   best bet is too look locally, there are alot of decal stores these days that can do this & more detailed decals if you want.

If you are still interested try here.
The guy was racing a sbc jeep in the fastest street car series when I was, he seemed pretty cool.

Mikey D:
Any silk screen shop in your local town should be able to help you and most of there computer programs are exelent.
My mother had her own shop in louisiana and she had made me a few for my TAMA drum set....great repoduction and
the didnt cost over $20. Some places also do big graphics, but Id leave the the big stuff to phoenix.


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