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78 martinique blue

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Okay, here is my project. 78 with t-tops nothing special. original 400 engine, car needs total restore.

floor pans were shot

pulled engine and verified numbers matching

replaced floor pans what a pain in the a$$

sprayed Lizard Skin sound deadener to seal up and finally finish the floor project. pretty happy with the results, it actually dries black color.

have more photos to show, too tired to continue tonight.

Wow, great job  so far. Floor pans, got to give you credit there, rather pull a motor any day then do floor pan repair.

Thanks, was a lot of work but pretty pleased with the results.
I also replaced the dash cowl.

Hope the windshield fits right!!

Ok, now I'm really impressed.

Haha Thanks! I have more progress pics.

Been pretty busy since i bought the car in april. Very pleased with the progress so far. 400 engine is back from machine shop and slowly being assembled. Also had tranny rebuilt. Using SPI Epoxy Primer for frame and suspension parts. Just painted sub frame today. SPI Epoxy Primer is top notch stuff!!
Heres the radiator support


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