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Hi to all. My project began 9 years ago with the purchase of an 81 305 trans am roller. The body seemed super solid, I found out later that was not the case (more on that later). It was a factory t top 4spd car. Over the next two years, I hand built a 383 stroker motor from a 72 corvette with all the fixinsí: forged crank, h-beam rods, aluminum heads, Weiand intake, Holley carb, hooker ceramic headers etc. I also had a super t 10 built by the local 4spd guru at Hossí gear shop with all nos parts. I had the rear end gone through. The existing ring and pinion and auburn locker were like new, so they stayed. I put all new body and spring bushings throughout and got the correct small block shaker fit to the motor. . My 15Ē snow flakes were wrapped in new rubber and finished with new caps and lug nuts. I then took the car to my painter for an all black paint job. We quickly found out that my ďsolidĒ roller had a few secrets. At some point, it looked like they slid it into a pole and smashed the right rear quarter panel. I have to give the PO credit. He was a master sculptor with tiger hair! It was obvious there was some putty in the quarter, but I was surprised to see a softball-sized chunk fall out during sanding. So, that quarter was removed and a new quarter, rear left corner and tail panel were welded in. Then the painter slowed down. It is 7 years later and Iím told the car will be finally finished next week. Iím told 7 years is a long time for a paint job. I tend to agree but itís water under the bridge. Iím just excited to get my car back. My vision May ruffle some feathers in the purist circles. I want a black on black, murdered out TA. I had him paint all the chrome, door handles, trim etc black. I also put a 77 nose on the car. I just like it better. I have the 81 nose if someone wants to put it back to original. I ordered a matte black hood bird for the car too. In my mind, every TA needs a screaminí chicken, but I wanted mine to be subtle. I also have a complete horse collar 77 interior for the car. My plan for the car moving forward is to finish the suspension: all new front end bushings and components, lowering springs and billstiens at all 4 corners. A complete interior that I will pick up from TA central at spring Carlisle. I also want to re wire the entire car. There is some spaghetti under the dash. Iíve rewired  many Jeep Cjís and they use the exact same harness, so I feel comfortable with that portion. I also have to re-dye all the interior plastics. I have all the sem products to do so. Finally, led lights all around and I think it will be ready to melt those new tires. This site has been great for info all along in my Resto journey. I will find the sticky on posting pics and get some up ASAP. A small housekeeping note, the registration questions still think itís 2018. Thanks to all for all the amazing advice on this site. It is an asset to the firebird nation.

sounds cool...any pictures!!

Would love to see pictures of it.

It sounds like a good project. Have you made any progress?

I think heís gone. Hasnít been on since April 4th


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