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Iím starting to gather information on restoring my 1980 Formula high school car.  It has been stored inside for nearly 30 years, Crazy. 

I need a new dash do to a lovely individual that decided to smash my dash up to take the stereo I had in it.  I really should have replaced it back in the 90s but didnít have the money. Now they are hard to find and are about 800 bucks, but they donít have stock. Do you guys have a good place to get quality OEM parts for my bird?

Also, taking feed back what engine/transmission I should put in her.  Unfortunately it came with a 301 auto and I would like to put a 400 in it.  Suggestions?

When I get my new place and drag her out Iíll get some photos posted.  So good to see fellow firebid owners still around.  I really love that car, and had so much fun in it.  Probably a good thing it only had a 301 in it.

Couple options for dashes. Find a good used, repair the one you have or buy new though honestly Iím not sure the new option is available officially yet. Also could fix yourself depending on the damage.

Engine/ Trans is all about what you want and why. Plan on keeping it forever? Do what you want. Itís your car. Plan on selling? Iíd stick with an engine that was an option during that time period. But its all in what you want.

For the dash and parts? Unless it's super butchered, Speak to John D Lorean at second gen graveyard on facebook and ask for Al Kosch, he fixes original dashes to pretty high standards for half the price of just dashes. I keep referencing that guy because I really hate people throwing out their old dashes, they forget they haven't started making new ones. He also stocks a boatload of OEM parts. There are many facebook pages out there, once you find one you'll find the others. A lot of people dealing in good second hand OEM parts.

Might as well keep the original block in the garage for re sale value (or just because of the whole numbers matching thing)


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