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78 esprit shaker


hi all !! i picked up a 78 esprit with a sbc 350 and some one put a shaker hood and scoop on it but i changed engine to a sbc 400 with an rpm air gap and a quick fuel hot rod 680 carb so the shaker wonít fit now , checked with butlers drop down and they said itís only for pontiacs engine !! any ideas ?? thanks !!

Not sure what to tell ya... get the dimensions for the SB400 and also the Pontiac 400. Maybe have a drop base custom fabricated? Best bet would have been to use a Pontiac 400. By far a better engine than a chevy sb400...

I realise you'll probably never return, but what shaker, air-cleaner and hood setup is on it now, or previously, since it was also not original to a chev-engine Esprit.


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