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Found this Ta for sales this weekend- Need opinions please


Hello Everyone please offer me some help. I found this 1976 trans am 455 speed car. Looking to know what you think may be a good price.  All numbers match, but it needs work. Quarters, paint and misc. Guy is asking 12500. I think it  may be to much. What are your opinions? I have more pictures.

My guess is that the rust may be more extensive than what is obvious. Check the floor pan, the trunk, bottom of the doors, lower front fenders (behind the fender well), core support, especially near the battery and the base of the windshield and rear window . It would be my opinion that 12.5k is a high price considering the cost of panel replacement, body work and paint. I have a very straight, rust free, 79 model and have been quoted between 14k-22k for body work and paint. My car however is not being done with an eye towards ROI. It has been in the family since new, and will continue to stay in the family, so resale value isn't being considered at all in our restoration. Having said all of that, more pictures would certainly help. Have you verified that it is a numbers matching car? Engine numbers, trans numbers, differential, firewall? Those are the main items considered, however it can get much more extensive than that.

In my opinion, if it needs any kind of extensive body work then 12500 is too much. If you're patient you can pick up these cars that have had the body all redone, but may need other work to finish it off for cheaper and you'll be happier for.

I wonder if he bought it, it certainly wasn't based on advice never read. But the other guys here appreciate your time and effort. It gives those not on fakebook something to read.


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