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I personally LOVE the RANDOM image in the "Comments/edit" description above.... THAT WAS ONCE MY CAR!! hahahaha

In all seriousness....

Awesome stuff Brett!!! Really appreciate all you do with this site for us all!!!

transam dave:
what happened to the really good pics you know what i mean L.O.L    transam dave  florida

Pictures?  We don't know nothing about no pictures!  :-[ :-[ :-\

i think rick removed them as it was his gallery

transam dave:
oh i get it butttt i really like the pics really cant we figure out a way  they have cool pics on muscle car and hot babes .com  some cool cars too  dave  or   70 chargerboy .com  i think   ;D :D ;) :) :'( :-* ::) :o


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