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Sure.. we can post some hot babe photos.... just not here.

transam dave:
all right were rollin now were  dave


--- Quote from: Hitman on October 12, 2007, 04:06:53 PM ---There is also a "Sidebar" that can be accessed from either the top left hand or top right hand side of the Gallery.

From this side bar, you can add photos, add comments, edit photos, and more.

--- End quote ---

Hitman - HELP!!!   I followed all the instructions, created an account, got my email confirmation, etc. and created an album - I added pictures but did something wrong because when I was done the Gallery showed my album as empty - no pictures.  Because it was late, rather than leave an empty album in the Gallery, I "Deleted" it.  Now, when I login to the Gallery and try to create an album I don't see any options in the sidebar.  All I see is this:

I feel like my dad ("where's the any key?")   :-[  What have I done?  More importantly, can you help me re-establish my options in the sidebar so i can create an album?   Sigh...   :'(

HELP! I deleted the email that activates the photo album. Cant post pics- Can I do anything?

Sent you a PM


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