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I need a dacal kit for my 1981 chevy powered trans am

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2 things you don't "cheap out on"

1. Decals --- you spend 3-7k for paint only to save a couple of bucks and put junk on? Makes no sense DUMB idea.

2. Weather seals you spend the money for paint, decals etc then drop on cheap junk seals and the doors never open.

Dave ya are a bright guy and we have spoke many times, in plain terms "don't be cheap" if you have to wait a few weeks and save the extra boot DO IT, Phoenix Makes excellent products and you will be impressed in the end when ya pony up and do the right thing for your car...........................

x2...well said

transam dave:
I ordered a catalog.I cant believe i never got my catalog very disapointed in them.


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