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new decal issues

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i recently installed a turbo bird with the clear covering & had no issues.  turbo birds are alot bigger & difficult to install.  went on just like the paper one i did a couple years earlier.  personally i prefer the dawn dish soap & water,  the gel seems to slippery & any other "mix" of soaps is just asking for trouble.  it can effect how well the decal sticks,  alot of soaps or shampoos have oils added for "softness"  why take a chance?  dawn dish soap & distilled water worked great for me. 

i used the gel ,went on great i just screwed up while removing the cover


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--- Quote from: HOMER on April 25, 2011, 08:42:14 PM ---i used the gel ,went on great i just screwed up while removing the cover

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uh oh....  I told you I'd help if needed.   ;)
Hopefully the damage is minimal. 

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i didnt know there was clear around the dge of the decal and when the instructions said start at a pointed edge and peel the cover off thats what i did  , and since the cover is clear as is the edge of the decal i did not know i was destroying it while trying to keep the bird down while removing the cover , i cut all the clear off just leaving the bird looks ok now not right but looks ok i guess , i think there instructions should be a little more clear? especially for the price of the stupid thing!


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