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New Wheels Cragar SS ? Maybe a blower scoop?


Ive been thinkin of mixin things up a bit and getting some wheels to change the look a little.  I saw a guy that had a set of chrome and gold cragar SS's on ebay, chrome on the outside, gold spokes on the inside.  They were fourteens though, and I would def. want 15's.  I now have the baddest rims on mine, the 15x8s honeycomb, just thinkin of playin around though for a little.  I was also thinkin of getting a temporary butterfly type of blower scoop for once in a while, any one ever done either?  And did they like the results, just temporary of course, no perm. changes to our beloved Rods.  and I definitely dont want to cut the hood to make a scoop fit.  Oh yeah my car is identical to HOOPER except with Ttops, and no rocket engine, well almost a rocket engine mildly tricked out W72 LOL.

hooper is a beast

i plan on putting cragers s oon my 79 ta  they look sweet and the butterfly sscoop dont get the mr gasket ones from summit or jegs i bought one and had to return it three times due to manufaturing problems with the finish on the scoops finally decided not to use due to it didnt look right not sitting center in the hood just my 2 cents


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