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Hi all,
I've been making a list of suspension parts I can upgrade to the Polyurethane parts before moving on to subframe connectors and so on. Just found out the rubber style body and radiator mounts are only new when I brought the car home and still fresh.
Here's the question..... are the rubber mounts worth the trouble of completely replacing again plus the cost? Also, how do rubber mounts stand up when using a subframe connector, welded or bolt in?

i have installed poly bushings in my car complete nothing rubber anywhere and just started to drive car today and ride is really stiff rubber makes for a softer ride but polyurethane makes for better handling and stability so u have to ask your self what u want just my 2 sense

Depends on if this is a daily driver or just a cruiser.
Over on TAC there was a big discussion on poly vs rubber, after reading the posts it might make your descision easier or it may just confuse the issue further :D

When I did my bushings, I was on the cheap and bought the polyurethane because they were so much cheaper than originals from the dealer. I'm really glad that for once, my cheaping out was a good decision for me. I cruise some with my car but its main function is performance driving. Fast corners and fast acceleration. For that driving style they appear to be the best way to go. They really do stiffen up the car. I plan to poly the entire car gradually.
The subframe connectors also further stiffen the car and are important for torquey motors. I haven't tried it but would think that they would work fine with the rubber mounts.
Why do you want the subframe connectors? For handling stiffness or for big power to stop the body from eventually self destructing?

Thanks Guys,
I'll go ahead and buy some of the poly mounts as well then, you know support the local importer! It's in no way a daily driver so they would be to both stiffen up the ride and stop body flex from big power, the big power also being on the list! As we all know it currently feels like there's a hinge on the firewall where the body and hood flex.


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