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body twisted or something else?????

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does anyone know how to tell if the body is twisted or flexed in my 79 t-top ta. just got done replacing ALL of the suspesion front and rear with new springs , shocks , poly bushings and when u look at the car from the rear it sags a lot on the driver side when i measurd the height there was a 1 1/2 to 2 inch differnce between the driver and passenger side. so i fear that maybe the body might be twisted. any ideas in anything to check for would be appreciated

Tin Indians Rule:
Be sure you have a matched set of springs for your application. Had the same problem with an 81 Z-28 and the trouble was two-fold. 1st the left front spring was not fully seated in the lower control arm and that made about an inch of difference once corrected. 2nd I bought a set of cheapo springs from Western Auto and they were different if you measured the thickness of each coil. Not saying thats you're trouble... but check to be sure you have the end of the coil visable looking through the inspection hole in the lower control arm.

this is the rear of the car leaf springs not the front the problem is tge rear of the car

Well, you could get out your tape measure and check the spring distance from the body one side to the other.  This must be maddening.

already did that that is how i came up with 1 1/2 to 2 inches of difference


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