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Replacement fuel tank for '77 TA

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Current gas tank is rusted out on the inside and clocking up fuel line.  Recommendations on sources for a replacement tank?

Bought mine from Firebird Central.

Many places supply them and also supply good and bad examples so hunt around especially where shipping is likely.

The Canadian-made Spectra Premium tanks are among the best. You want the GM203 model. I now have this tank after shipping it around the world. I also tried the Spectra Taiwanese-made standard tank and it didn't fit very well and was returned. This same tank is probably marketed under several names.

Here's the good one:

(Made in North America! Because no one wants to say Canada)

I bought a stainless steel fuel tank from rockauto, maybe 2 weeks ago.

Needs to grind of a bit from the filler neck. But after all, a great investment. It will never rust again  ;D

Looks nice, what brand is that?


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