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1978 hood bird option


Hi just joined looking to get some info on the WW7 RPO on the dealer invoice for a car I am looking to purchase it does not show the WW7 on the invoice. Does that mean the car didn't come with it originally, it is a 1978 martinique blue W72 WS6 4 speed fisher top late build June 78 from Van Nuys plant. The car has bird on the hood now but it is the original paint and it looks to be of the same vintage as the paint.

No reason for it to be on the dealer invoice as it was not an extra. That's not to say it didn't appear on some, just as Norwood like to include extras on the cowl plate while VN did not. If you can find the build sheet, it will give more of an indication, as well as colour etc, even mostly standard for many paints. The opposite could also be true, if the bird was deleted and perhaps a refund of the feature noted. But when it was standard it was generally accepted as part of the WS4 package.


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