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The vinyl dash in my 1980 Firebird is badly cracked and needs replaced.  I see I can get a replacement or dash pad overlay to go over the original and dye the color I need.  From the vinyl dash to the inside of the front window there is another flat piece going across the entire car left and right.  It has the VIN number installed on it with a brass plate.  It is blue.  I am not sure what this is called . Anyone know?  It is the piece that has the holes for the vents in it.    I need to get to it because I am changing everything to black.  Do I need to take the windshield out to get to it?

Any help is always greatly appreciated.

Yes, you do need to take the windshield out to have access to that dash panel. You don't need to replace it, it is metal, just paint it the color you need.

You could scrub it well and lightly sand, then mask up all glass to spray in there lightly with a few coats of flat black. You don't want any sheen on it. But the proper way is to remove the glass. That's when you then break the screen and find rust holes and decide while you are fixing the cowl it's a good time to add the supercharger....

I'm probably going to refreshen that metal part of the dash pad on mine, too, but with the windshield in.  I'm just not certain if I should opt for a satin finish or go with a flat finish.  After all these years it has become so faded, that it's hard to tell if it was initially flat or had a very minor shine to it.

The original paint for the dash areas is listed as special extra flat, a whole step more flat than their matching interior colours for elsewhere.


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