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Hello, I have a 1977 dash and Iím looking for a aftermarket Bluetooth stereo that looks like the original 1977 stereo. My dash is not cut out and I know the 1978 and up dashes have the bigger radio openings so those stereoís wonít fit. Iím not cutting my dash. If anyone knows of a company who sells the correct stereo for the 1970-1977 dash please let me know.  Thanks in advance.

Are you missing your radio completely or just looking to remove the factory unit and install a different one?

I have the factory am/fm radio in there but it doesnít sound good. I have heard about retro stereos with Bluetooth in them. I canít seem to find one online. Was wondering if anyone has ever bought one and where from.

I have no experience with these but I hear the name Crutchfield thrown around a lot

I took a look at the website. They are all have digital display. I want it to look stock. The hunt continues.


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