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Correct AC Compressor Decal


I am seeing two possible oem reproduction decals for a 1979 Trans Am - part number
1131142 (142 printed prominently on the decal) and 1131127 (127 printed prominently on the decal).

Also noticing some original, low mileage 1979 Trans Ams with what should be a later model decal, namely part number 5910738 (0738 printed prominently on the decal).

My car is a 1979 Trans Am, W72 400 4-speed car. Could not find any guidance on the search function, so any direction would be helpful.

Thanks so much.

If anyone would have that information, it would have been Hitman himself.  I was able to get some of his technical information before he shut it down, but unfortunately I was only able to get a small portion.  Still have my fingers crossed that I get the information somehow.


1979 used 142, and that label is at least available in repro.


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