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Looking underneath my T/A right under the driver and passenger floor pan I saw rubber bushing that are worn out (flatten). Anyone has an idea and easy way to change the bushing?

well you can either do all four at once which means drop the subframe or you can pull one at a time i havent ever tried the front ones with the frame on the car but the rears are possible....just pull the bolt and then the bushing, youll most likely need new bolts too...just a heads up..

If I understand you correctly, just take out all four bolts and the subframe will come out?  Or I have to jack up something.. Is there any tension on the sub frame that I needed to be aware of?

well if you take out all four at once you might have problems unless you support everything else that is tied to the subframe, core support , and bumper, and all the fuel lines,brake lines...etc.... but those are the only two ways i know of doing it...unless someone else has any input...

Fronts - jack the vehicle up under both rockers on the body frame.  Support the front sub frame anywhere up front.  Loosen the 2 large front bolts, check to ensure the subframe is not moving before you remove the bolts all the way (loading the bolts).  Stick some drift pins into the alignment holes next to the bolt to understand how the subframe is aligned to the body frame.  Then, either jack up the body more or lower the front of the subframe until you can remove the biscuits.  Replace with a stock part, or I went to thinner solid aluminum bushing to eliminate the chassis flex.  Before assembling and tightening the bolts, make sure the subframe is aligned by using the drift pin in the holes.  Rears are done by tilting and supporting the subframe in the opposite direction.


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