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firebird and camaro parts interchange?

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Blue Knight:
 I am looking for  parts and all stuff needed for my 1978 T/A.
was wondering if the camaro body parts will interchange.
 like the doors , rear quarter section , most important the floorboards pans and trunk pan?
  you guys would know and thanks for everything you guys do for us.
       Freind of mine has a 78/79 camaro junked in his barn but has nice floors and trunk pans.
                   thanks ,
                                  ray b

Hello Ray,
  Welcome to the forum. Take a good look at a Camaro body and a Firebird body, you will see that while they are similar they are a little different. Yes, the doors will interchange. The trunk lids are the same and the roof is the same. I assume the trunk pans will interchange as will the floor pans, I have never done that though (doesn't hurt to try at least). The quarter panels will NOT interchange. Hope this answers your question.

Floors and trunk pan will interchage if the car is a similar year to your car. I forget when the trunkpan changed but it was in the mid 70's.

Keep in mind, though that the trunk floor is reproduced as is the floorpans. The only parts you will not get with replacement floor pans are the toeboards and the very rear of the interior floorpans.

Aside from that, no exterior panels aside from the trunkid, center trunklid spoiler section, the trunklid filler panel, and the roof are interchangable. They will pyshically fit, but the bodylines are so much different between the two it will not look right at all.

yes everything will fit to make it a camaro...but like logikfive body lines will match....the doors have a different shape to them in some spots....the 1/4s are made for a different style bumper, wheel wells on camaros are smaller than firebirds, the only panels that are completely interchageable with no noticing differences are the roof and the floors,trunkpan,firewall,subframe, and other misc. parts...but if you are questioning what will work just ask im sure somebody on here will get right back to you as they may have tried it already....

firebird dad:
Ray, I had the same question awhile back ago. As I was told.....there are alot of the interior parts and panels that will work (minus the dash assy). Floor board,doors, etc.. As long as your not worried about keeping it original. I have had more luck finding the availabilty or Camaro parts than Firebird/Trans Am. Also, there are alot of good people on this site willing to help you locate the parts you may need.


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