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78 Dash Panel Radio opening repair


Is there a fix available for a radio opening in the dash that has been cut to accomodate an in dash CD player?  I'd like to go back to the original radio and use a CD changer in the trunk.  Any ideas on how to fix these short of replacing the dash?

depends on how bad it is cut. If there is still a decent amount left, I would use the trim around the factory unit as a stencil and make 2 plates just like it out of some thicker steel. This way what you could do would be to use one on the inside and one on the out side and create a sandwich using the steel as bread and the dash as the meat. Also make a rear mount to support the back of the radio probley using universal mounting straps or scrap steel.

Hope this helps... good luck !

I agree with dazeakamike.  That's what I would try to do if possible.  Remember, there is a bracket that holds the radio to the dash frame.  The original T/A stereo's have a nut and stud on the upper, rear, drivers side of the radio that fits into the slot of the bracket and gives some support.

The brackets are really hard to find since they get tossed when an aftermarket radio is installed.  The radio's you buy on ebay may look original, but it they are not from a firebird, they may not have the stud and nut on the drivers side since other GM divisions used different types of brackets.

Check the service manual and you'll see a drawing of the radio and bracket.

If you need a picture of the bracket (it's not much to see) I have one and can send you a picture of it if you send me a message.


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