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well it took me about 2 months but i finally got my trunk fixed! after removing the window trim and cover i found one spring had snapped at the shorter end right at the bend. you could see a bit of rust on the snapped end so it had been cracked for a while.
i went to the local wreaker and they had 1 1979 t/a stripped to the bare shell nearly but i lucked out. both the springs were intact and brought them both home with me. hopefully i never have to replace one again as i nearly lost the end of my middle finger on the first attempt to rotate the replacement spring before getting it into the hinge.  that thing jumped loose on me after i twisted it around 360* and before i knew it blood was pumping out of my finger like a water
anyways its all good now, i even scored a gas cap door with a bird on it, and a mint pair of tail lights. the original rear window is also still intact and i plan to go back for it soon.
thanks everyone for all the advice

Is the rear window a defogger window?  That's worth the upgrade if you don't have that feature.  The hardest part to find is the timing circuit.  The rest is easily available on ebay or at classic (purple wire).  It's basically plug and play.  All the basic wiring is included in the harness (except the purple wire that goes from under the dash to the rear window).  Remember to pull the ground strap that's located on the passenger side and connects to the connector on the back window.  

One thing to note is there are two different timing circuits, each has two connectors that attach from the main harness.  Both circuits have a three blade connector.  However, the other connectors are different.  The second connector for a 1978 had one blade, while in later years (I'm not sure when it started but I think it was 80 or 81) the second connector had two blades.  Check your harness, if you see a single black wire with the connector it's the 3-1 circuit, if you see a black wire and pink wire it's the 3-2 circuit

yes it is a defogger window. my 1980 t/a has rear defrost already. im not sure exactly what year the wreck is, but i'll check it out when i go back next week.

i went back for the window...and.......and...........and they crushed the car!
its gone forever:(
no window:(
no door handles:(
no body molds:(

Yeah!  My T/A just increased in value....


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