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trunk lid spring

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just checking with you guys before i start. its the cross spring thats come disconnected. it runs from the drivers side to the passenger side and connects to the trunk hinges on each side. is this the spring that your talking about?

Those are the springs.  There are two of them.

ok, i'll get into it this weekend.thanks again

you must turn the spring one revolution before putting it in the slot.
i had to do this on my 81 ta and its not an easy job but it makes the trunk as good as new.

Just a reminder, Those springs just don't jump out.  There is a reason for the failure.  I had the same problem on the outer edge of the spring holder it was wore out and it failed.   You can weld new metal in or find a good hinge on an old car and weld it in place.  Good luck!!   Just remember to cover that spring steel bar it will come out of the bracket like a rocket and put alot of hurt on every thing around it.


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