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help with e brakes please!!!!!

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hello everyone i need help bad my problem is i need e brake cables for my 79 trans am with rear drums. ithad a disc rear in it but i got rid of the disc brakes and put drums on. i still have the disc brake cables on but now i need the drum cables.when i tried to buy the cables they sell them same lengths for both sides or different lengths for each side. and then when i look up the front cable some sites say they are the same for drums or disc and some say different . i need to know which ones to buy for everything does anyone have measurements suggestions etc please help thanks

Tuesday I am having a new exhaust installed and if I remember I will take some e-brake measurements for you.

When I have a part problem, I can usually find the answer by researching it on auto parts websites.  I say that because I thought to get a speedo cable or a front brake cable (the one that goes to the pedal) I would have to buy one off ebay and pay dearly for it, however this chain of auto parts stores here in the East called Advanced Auto parts usually has the best price on anything, and they have a website that can lookup parts and tell you if it is available, I have used it for research on my speedo cable and found that there are several different ones for our beloved rides.  So that site may help you, it is  I use it often and you would be surprised what parts they can get for these cars still.  I was and the prices werent even that bad, very good even.

I converted my car from drum to disc. Passenger side cable for both types was a longer cable. The front cable was the same. The drivers side is the short one for both drum or disc. Do you want to sell the ebrake springs and levers off of the calipers? I would even buy the cables for spares if they are any good.

yeah i have used advace auto and they were no help if i can find the caliper parts i would sell them


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