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body twisted or something else?????

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u can see the coil springs in the inspection holes of the lower control arms so they should be good when looking at the back of the leaf springs i noticed that the passenger side shackle is going straight up and down and the driver side shackle is angled towards that back of the car so i thinkk that may have something to do with it

Tin Indians Rule:
I'd say so. that could very well cause the problem. I thought they were supposed to be able to pivot. Could one be over tightened? Whew, that would be great if that were the root of your woes.

I was selling some parts to kid one time and he had a twisted 80 TA. I checked it over for him and found that it had two distinct problems both caused from the car being in the ditch at one time. The body mount under the heater core box was actually bent a bit. There were some creases in the firewall where the mount box was welded to the firewall. The creases  were not apparent until I compared his to mine. He did not know that the car had been in the ditch since he bought only a few months before. Frame machine was the fix for it. In the rear the head of the center bolt was sheared of where it goes into the spring pad. The right rear wheel was 1.25" behind the left wheel. That was easy to fix, new centerbolt.
My car had also suffered from what I thought was body flex and showed up on the drivers side quarter panel/roof seam. The factory fill had cracked at the seam and had the be ground out, welded and refilled. That leaded  seam really stinks when it burns. I'm sure I'll get lung cancer some day from that job.
Are your tires all the same size?

I didnt see your post about the probably found it 8)


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