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body twisted or something else?????

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Tin Indians Rule:
Are both rear leaf springs the same length, same number of plates? Was it like this before you replaced all the bushings and springs? Is there any evidence of repair to the spring hanger at the rear? Did you buy NEW rear leaf springs?

Brand new leaf springs, same length ,part numbers the car sagged alittle bit but thought it was just because of the old leaf springs in it were bad. it has 5 leafs in each and no repairs what so ever to the hangers

Tin Indians Rule:
Did it sag evenly on both sides prior to the leaf spring install? You don't mention in the post... but the engine is not in the car, is it?

dont remember if the car sagged evenly the car has engine and everything in it been driving around this past week

Tin Indians Rule:
Well, Thats about all I know to check without putting the car on a jig or lift and pulling a tape measure to all the alignment points.

Don't rule out the front coil springs yet. Can you see the end of the coil by looking through the tiny inspection hole in the lower control arm? If yes, and all the bushings, springs, etc are all double checked it may be time to have a frame/body shop check it.

Keep us posted. It's driving me nuts too. :?


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