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16" Space Saver Tire?


OK TA experts - did they ever make a 16" space saver spare tire?  I Have SSBC brakes, and had to move up to 16" wheels to clear.   Any for sale anywhere?  As you can see, my trunk is "space" limited"...

Geez, I'm not sure you could get a tricycle wheel in there!  Try a can of fixaflat.  I've never used the spare anyway.  I bet you don't even have the jack in there anyway.

any junkyard should have one....

If you hunt around, you might find a spare with very little backspacing, which might clear the brakes without requiring a 16" rim.  Then you just need to worry about the total diameter.

On the rare occassion that I have had a flat back tire, I've had to move a front tire to the back, and put the spare on front.  That avoids burning up the clutches in the rear end.


you can get a 16" space saver spare on ebay alot of people have them for sale. but as crowded as your trunk looks with the fuel cell and rear mounted battery you might have to let your spare ride shotgun.


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