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Hidden hitch for 2nd gen t/a


does anyone know if they make a hidden hitch for 2nd gen t/a , ive had quick look on web but cant find any , any info would be much appreciated dont want anything that needs welding or drilling ,

Tin Indians Rule:
I know there was a hitch offered as a dealer add-on. But it was under the bumper.

you can get a universal reese hitch if thats what you are looking for....but you might have to put holes in places you dont want

Try  Curt Manufacturing at

They do custom work there so if it hasn't been done before, they will probably be able to do it for you

Thank you for info , i definatley dont want holes drilled , i got what is called a hidden hitch for elcamino , which you cant even see when tow ball and bar are removed,and and just fitted up with no modifacations. was just hoping i could get the same sort of thing for 77 trans am. looks like its back to a tent if i cant find one  :D


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