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Low Vacuum, Poor Brakes

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I have a built motor with a big cam & single plane manifold, and new SSBC brakes all around on my '77 SE.  My vacuum level at idle is dismal.  I use a vacuum canister which helps.  
Question - has anyone run a vacuum pump, and do they work well?
SSBC is recommending one, but I would like input before spenfing almost $300.

Another idea for you to consider...GM makes or made a hydraulic power brake assist as well. I had a crew cab 3500 series truck that had that system. It worked great and ran off of the power steering pump. Vacuum doesnt matter with that set up. There is no vacuum booster behind your master cylinder.

Heres one link:

Heres another one:

i would advise aginst hydro pump they are notrious for leaking and they look shi$$y the eletric vacum pumps are good u can pick them up off of the old 80s chevy cavaliers and skyhawks with a carb and 4 banger

If you're going fast you have to know that your going to be able to stop.
If you have to grab a bunch of brake pedal at 100mph plus, you want to be sure that its there. If you have to hit the pedal five or six times because the car is not stopping as straight as you would like it to due to raod conditions, etc., will a vacuum pump keep up with the demand in that scenario? I'm not sure cause I've never tried it with a vacuum pump...but I have with the hydraboost and it works great. I'm not trying to be argumentative, just something else to consider :wink:

i hear ya 81 not trying to be agumentive either but thats what i hear u should know better since u are using one


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