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Wheel-well chrome molding


Has anyone found a good reproduction set of Chrome wheelwell molding for a 78' Formula? I know several places carry them, but how do I know what company has the better fit?

Top Formula!
Were the original wheel arch trim all screw on? I'm after a set also, mine are currently stick on aluminium strip. My car originally had the trim but there are no screw holes in the lip but a good chance they have been swapped over the years, thought that the trim would have been fairly common on non-TA's with standard guards.

Some Formulas also had a chrome piece that ran from the bottom of one wheel well to the other.....front to back.  It was positioned about three or four inches under the door.  You should be able to see the holes in the body where it mounts.

Hmm...were the holes only drilled for cars fitted with this trim or all have the holes?
Mine has a few neatly spaced holes under the side sill but wasn't sure if it was for the Esprit types or just drainage holes/fish oil holes. Would a W50 option bird such as the one above be likely to have one of these, I only have half of my buildsheet in regards to trim options.

I'm not sure about the W50 cars.  But I had a formula that had the chrome strip on either side.  My T/A has the holes so I think all the cars got them.  At least I think those were the mounting holes...because my formula didn't have any other holes and the chrome moulding was installed at that point.  I can send you a picture if you want one...send me your email address.


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