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good 'ol bird:
Posted this over at country with no response:

I recently purchased a 79 6.6 / WS6 with 72k miles. The power steering fluid appears to be old (probably original) I’m looking for replacement procedure advice.

I also assume it (steering) would take standard dextron ATF, am I correct?

Thanks in advance for the help….

79 Atlantis Blue TA
403 Olds 72k
t tops WS6
very clean

best way to do it and cleanest...take off the pump and resivoir and turn upside down...also replace your lines at the same time....turn steering wheel both ways to clean out the fluid in the steering box....and reassemble with new fluid....tranny should take dexron mercon unless you have a shift kit or sometihng like that and then it would be better to use type f

good 'ol bird:
:D thanks again eroc

Try reading this as well, it might help a little:

good 'ol bird:
yep, read that one too, thanks

I thought there might be a procedure like....remove hose, use pump to pump out system, replace lines if required, refill with dex type 2, blead system, close hood.

The new car syndrome hasn't wore of yet, Anality on my part is still a miner problem :roll:



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