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subframe connectors?


78 T/A:
I just dropped in a 420 horse, 475 ft-lb 400 in my "stock" 78 T/A.  A few people told me I should weld in subframe connectors or I might twist the frame.  Sometime ago I remeber reading something about WS6's coming with subframe connectors from the factory, is this true?

i have a 79 ws6 and i dont have them and i dont believe that yours has them either

They never came with connectors. I just put a set in mine. I used the bolt in ones. The weld in ones require you to relocate the spring mount. Too much work. You could weld the bolt in ones. If you go with the bolt in ones, before you start do yourself a favour. There are three bolts where the front of the rear leaf spring mounts to the frame. The bolts are bolted to those clip type nuts and they rust out very easy. Get the new clips before you even start, cuz your gonna need them. They are a special clip and a regular one wont work. I got mine from classic industries. Good Luck.

78 T/A:
Thanks guys. :D

i tottlayy agree with 81blackta


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