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Im about to buy one but I was wondering if there are any common problems that will probably need to be looked at? It isn't running any tips on the restoration/ any tips on added performance parts that will be good via headers exhaust intake cam?

Tin Indians Rule:
Hi and good luck with your upcoming purchase. Just from past experience I'd say the biggest, most important thing is to look for RUST. I know the rust gods are easier on sheet metal way over there in NV versus here in Maryland. But, the better the shell, the easier the restoration.

Second, I'd say look closely for wiring problems. Crawl under the steering column and look at all the connections. If you see a bunch of hacked up wires plan on a nightmare.

Third I'd suggest you decide if you are going to RESTORE (back to original) or rebuild it using parts that you desire (go fast goodies, PIA headers, etc) to see on the car. if it's RESTORE then you want to look for a numbers matching car that retains as much of the original stuff as you can afford.

Most folks buy an old TA and start yanking original carbs, intakes, heads, etc and stuffing the engine compartment with aftermarket goodies only to decide later that original would have been better. So,if you start that all the stuff that is original to the car.

Most of all have fun and make it whatever your vision for the car may be. In the end you'll be happy with what you have.

well the car is not running im getting it for $600 and I am going to have to rebuild the engine and get parts for it but im not looking for original- its not fast enough. so i will defuinitly be looking at after market parts

Tin Indians Rule:
Well sounds like you've got a plan. Be sure to test the functionality of the brakes once you do get it running. Those old rubber hoses dry out fairly quickly when one has been sitting.

Oh yeah, if you're gonna try to fire up the engine thats in it now, keep a water hose close by in case of fire.  :shock:

uhm well i have to take apart the engine for a rebuild and not really sure what exactly it is gonna need.. all i know is im gonna say what ricky bobby said, :i wanna go fast!!!"


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