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Which engine is in your T/A?? Is it stock?? In '78 there were three engines available: Pontiac W72 400, Pontiac L78 400, and Oldsmobile 403. This info can help us help you with your restoration. :wink:

I see you're in Vegas. You wouldn't happen to be buying a blue, W72 4 speed with manual windows and no t-tops would ya? I ask cause when I lived in Vegas, I regrettably sold mine, only cause it had a rod knock, and I had nowhere to work on it.

brian c:
Well here's what mine looked like and I paid a bunch more than you on initial purchase:

Mine's a 78 as well with T-Tops so you can get a general idea of where rust may be formed or areas to look at.

As for perf goodies I'm running Headmann Hedders (had them ceramic coated) on the advice of Larry Navaro and the fit is very good. Also running a Performer RPM intake with Holley 4 Barrel carb & electric choke. Exhaust wise I'll be running (isn't installed yet) a Pypes X-pipe system - true duals.

Use brand name parts when rebuilding your engine - this is not a place to skimp and get yourself a VITON rear main seal to replace the original rope one.


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