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OK....heres a question I've asked a few times but have yet to find a definitive answer to.....needs answers from people who've applied these decals.....
The 73-78 hoodbirds usually have clear panels in the outer "flames" that allow the body colour paint to show through.
That said, I've seen some decals (that seem to be for black cars) that have black as a background colour in the outer "flame" panels of the decal....the same sort of black as is used on the "bird" part of the decal.
So....heres the question....Do the PG decals used on both regular and SE Starlight black cars (we're talking two different decals here) have both the bird and flame areas filled in black....or just the bird is black and the outer flames clear....or are the bird and flames clear letting the body colour black show through?
Many thanks for any info here.

John Witzke:
Not sure about the PG hood decal.  But originally from the factory the bird area was black while the wing area was clear

Joker (§ir£Ğragon):
I was told in the TAC hoodbird thread that my brown '78's bird was from a black car or the same type as used on the black cars (I know it was original to mine). As you can see it didn't have any clear areas but black in the wings, between the feathers and also in the body. They also pointed out a red car that had a new looking bird like it. I do not know where he got his or if it is still original or not.

The "Phoenix" has a very similar bird. Although I know it is [not] original since the car was originally gold.

John Witzke:
Are you the original owner?

Yes, there are two different decal sets from PG.  There is the gold/black decals which are for black cars and have black in the center of the bird and black on the wings linke show in the photo above.  And then they have the gold/clear decals which are black in the center and clear on the outside to let the body color show through.  Like this:

So, if you have a black Trans Am, then you need the gold/black kit, and if you have any other color Trans Am, then you need the gold/clear kit.

Now I guess to really read your question right, you are asking if the gold/black bird is the same as the gold Special Edition bird used on the Special Edition cars.  No, the decals are different, but your question about the wings being filled in is YES they are the same.  The gold/black kit for black Trans Ams has the wings filled in as does the matte gold Y82/Y84 Special Edition hood bird for SE cars.

 Here is the gold/black non-SE hood bird not applied:

Notice the wings are filled in with black

Here is the matte gold Y82/Y84 SE hood bird not applied:

Again, the wings are filled in.  Hopes this answers your question.


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