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T/A Kid:
I bought a steering column and the problem is when I put the steering wheel on I have too much wobble In the steering
wheel. When I take it apart it seems that the steering shaft has pulled back towards the driver letting the bearing race
lose contact with the plastic caged bearing.
I can't find a good diagram of all the parts that's suppose to be there or if something is suppose to hold the shaft in the
column I appreciate any help.

This is a tilt column right?

There's a spring in there that gets compressed and held in by a special 3/4 inch snap ring. The snap ring holds a plate that compresses the spring that pushes down in the bearing. You actually need a steering wheel puller in order to remove/install.

When I rebuilt my column last winter my snap ring was chewed up. I ended up making a new one from a spring. No one sells that plain snap ring new that I could find.

This thread over at TAC is pretty useful for steering column rebuilds, includes photos:

T/A Kid:
I think I'm missing the metal looking cap that fit's over the race, Angelo thanks for the link that is a big help!!

Tin Indians Rule:
If you get it all back together and the collar/wheel section flop around then it may be the bowl bolts inside the column that keeps the tilt section tight.


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