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It looks like OER has some replacement dashes available, I put in an order a few months ago as a back order and I just got them today! I havent had time to open it today so court is still out on quality but as I understand it the last batch was very good so I have high hopes. This is the 1970-78 dash repro.

I would be very interested in the quality, detail and fitment.  Please do take some quality photos of it and during installation.

teenage bandit:
Don't the stock radios from 79 up not fit?


--- Quote from: teenage bandit on September 30, 2015, 08:54:01 AM ---Don't the stock radios from 79 up not fit?

--- End quote ---
     NO ......

I will take pics once its out of the box, I have to paint one of them. Final installation will be awhile. I wasn't expecting them any time soon, they just showed up without notification. I put in a back order because I didn't want to miss a release as it seems like they come in and go out really fast. As for the stock radio I have heard there have been issues depending on year, though this wont be a problem for me as i do not intend to put a stock radio in - the original one was kicked to hell during a botched attempt to steal it when I got the car back in the 80s and generally speaking unless a car is ultra rare I don't see anything wrong with modernization especially when it comes to creature comforts.


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