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Cann't wait to see what you think and take a look at the photos.  I am plaining on replacing my dash later next year.  What site did you order it from and if you don't mind me asking what was the cost?  I have seen them rang form $600 - 800 and I have always wondered about the quaility.

I put in a order through OER a few months ago as a back order. you can set it up so when the item comes it auto bills and ships, which is what happened to me. I expected some kind of notification but pretty much the boxes were on my doorstep one day. At the time I put in the request they were 685 bucks each i believe. Before that they were priced at about 490 bucks and they ran out fast, then price jumped. Didn't want it to jump again! I had a refurb estimate from Just Dashes at about 1500 bucks, not counting shipping and such and assuming that your dash frame isn't somehow damaged or warped and needs fixing as well. I had read both excellent and nightmarish feedback for the work they do so I was a bit gun shy to give the service a go especially for a car that isn't really all that unique or rare. One recent comment I read said that the dashes fit well though some may have some minor wrinkling in the corners.. I think that's something I can live with. I plan on opening one of them this weekend as long as the torrential downpours are over and at that point I'll try for a side by side photo OP against the one I plan on replacing, hopefully that will give you something to go on.

whiterabbit, are you a dealer? I do not see how a regular customer can order from OER directly.

I was just asking Ames at the Trans Am Nationals and they didn't think there were going to be any more made for years. I will put in an order for one asap if the dash looks good.

I put in an order with Classic Industries and received notification that a dash was available 3 months or so later.  Once it arrived I found a nasty defect - the material just below the gauges had been stretched to the point that the grain was gone.  When I reported the defect to Classic I was told they may not have any more dashes for months or years.  A week or so later they had a new shipment come in and I was able to obtain a replacement that turned out to be just fine.  For some reason the "we wont have them for 2 years" keeps getting thrown out there, but they seem to have a batch every 3 months or so. 

Sounds like classic industries gets top priority on them.


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